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Dr. Amanda Lloyd’s Favorite Skin Care Products

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We are in the full swing of holiday season and everyone wants to know just what are the best skin care products. Dr. Amanda Lloyd suggests that you treat yourself to her favorite skin care products this year for a little holiday freshening up! Who needs to know you’re stressed about the holidays! No one! That is what a good skin care regimen can do for you.


  1. Vitamin B! Botox is Dr. Amanda Lloyds absolute favorite product. It is safe, effective and works every time. If you are looking to refresh your look naturally, this is the ticket for you. It both treats and prevents wrinkles. Yes prevents, so when you look at your mom/aunt/someone older than you and you see their wrinkles, just think you don’t have to look like that when you are older. You can age more gracefully with just a small amount of botox placed just right.
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  3. Whoever said that adult females don’t get acne is totally out of their mind. There are numerous adult females and males that get acne. There is absolutely no reason to live with acne or the acne scars. Isotretinoin is a medication that can eradicate acne, yes no more acne ever! 80% of patients that take isotretinoin never have acne again, and that 20% if they take a second round also never have acne again! It is definitely something worth considering if you are plagued by adult acne or if you have kids with teenage acne that is leaving scars behind. Acne scars last forever, acne most certainly does not have to.
  4. Sunscreen! We live in sunny Southern California, so naturally we love the sun and playing outside. However, the sun is absolutely terrible for our skin, it causes brown spots, red spots, wrinkles and skin cancer. Therefore, blocking out as much sun as possible with a broad-spectrum SPF ideally around 50 is a must. Dr. Lloyd loves La Roche Posay’s mineral tinted sunscreen as well as Elta MD UV Clear and UV Lotion to name a few.
  5. Cosmetic Dermatology is an Alternative to Surgery

  6. Powder with Sunscreen! Jane Iredale makes two fabulous products: #1 PurePressed powder which has titanium dioxide in it to help combat the shine of the day as well as provide a little extra protection from the sun. #2 Powder Me SPF, which is great to keep in the car to put on your neck, décolletage, arms and backs of hands when you’re out and about. The titanium dioxide SPF 30 helps prevent those harmful UV rays that are going right through the window glass in your car and office from penetrating your skin. Having these Powder Me SPF’s around creates an easy way to reapply sunscreen and protect your skin and as a bonus can give it a little shimmer.
  7. ExcelV! The ExcelV is Dr. Lloyd’s favorite laser because it eradicates the redness on her skin. She too is a native Californian and spent a few days in the sun without sunscreen before she knew better. So now, she uses the ExcelV to get rid of her red and brown spots. She treats herself yearly to maintain the results. Unfortunately, we keep aging and going outside so our skin is damaged even if we take the very best care of it. That is why we have lasers. Lasers help to remove the damage and keep it away. Yes maintenance is required, but when in life is maintenance not required. If you stopped working out and eating healthy, then you would likely be fatter, same principle applies with your skin. Therefore, getting into a manageable skin care routine even if it is super simple will keep you looking well rested and youthful so you Look Stunning. Always!

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