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Bring on summer with laser treatments for skin you’ll love to show off!

Skin Laser Treatments for This Summer in Encinitas area

Sunscreen is a “must” year-round, not just during summer. If you have existing sun damage, schedule your laser treatments now – Get ready to flaunt healthy skin this summer!


Also known as “fractional skin resurfacing,” this laser precisely treats the whole face by using a high intensity beam that is broken into thousand of small columns that penetrate the skin. These columns are heated and stimulate collagen production and reduce the number of brown spots on the surface of the skin. Fraxel® technology:

  • Promotes rapid healing
  • Can get results in a single visit
  • Stimulates the production of fresh, firming collagen
  • Reduces the number of brown spots, clearing up your complexion
  • Is comfortable, with built-in cooling

Look noticeably younger without invasive cutting or needles. By stimulating new skin cells “from the inside out,” Fraxel® effectively treats lines and wrinkles as well as acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation.


Laser company Cutera reports pigment problems affect up to half of adults aged 18 and older. Redness, brown spots, and other signs of sun damage are extremely common amongst adults and there is no reason to allow them to tarnish your clear complexion. All of these are no match for the ExcelV, a high-performance, dual-wavelength laser. Patients love that the ExcelV is:

  • Fast, treats full-face in 20 minute
  • Effective, typically only one treatment needed
  • Versatile, treats superficial spots, deeper lesions and facial veins
  • Well-tolerated, with contact cooling and numbing medication
  • Minimal downtime

The ExcelV produces enduring results, if you protect your skin from the UV exposure that causes new spots and signs of sun damage to form. The Skin & Vein Institute has a sunny outlook for your skin’s health. Call (760) 642-6674 or email [email protected] .

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Meet Dr. Amanda Lloyd


Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Amanda Lloyd has expertise ranging from cosmetic to cancerous. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, Medical Degree and Dermatology residency, she established the Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, CA. She is an authority on cosmetic dermatology and injectables, laser therapies, venous disease treatments and skin cancer surgery with cosmetic reconstruction. Additional training with Mohs Surgery and cosmetic dermatology fellowship, many published articles and textbook chapters have enhanced her profile.

Dr. Lloyd’s well-rounded approach to skin care, health, and appearance and membership in many dermatology associations have gained her respect among peers. She regularly lectures her peers at the dermatologic national meetings.

She has earned her patients trust as a dermatology authority who wants to make them look their best so they Look Stunning, Always.

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