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Hand Rejuvenation – A necessary step to not looking old!

The backs of your hands are a place that make you look older than you really are! Hand rejuvenation is essential to prevent this. Many of us forget to care for the backs of our hands and therefore, they are riddled with sun damage in the form of brown spots and squiggly blood vessels as well as scaly pink spots also known as actinic keratoses. If you are still young, then you may have not developed any actinic keratoses yet and can save your hands! If you have some actinic keratoses, then it is recommend to treat them as they have a 10% chance of turning into skin cancer and we most certainly want to prevent that. Either way, hand rejuvenation is for you!

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Near Me In Encinitas CA

Here are some tips on hand rejuvenation—keeping them from making you look old!

  1. Put sunscreen on the backs of your hands EVERY day. Not sometimes, not only when you go to the beach. Rain or shine, clouds or none, every day no matter what sunscreen needs to be on the backs of your hands. Sunscreen is the first line of defense to preventing the damage that the ultraviolet radiation from the sun inflicts on our skin. The ultraviolet radiation causes brown spots, red vessels, actinic keratoses and skin cancer! This is a mainstay for hand rejuvenation!

Hand Rejuvenation Cream Near Me In Encinitas CA

  1. Get rid of the brown spots on the backs of your hands with the ExcelV laser. The ExcelV can be programmed by a board certified dermatologist to specifically target brown, this results in removal of the brown spot and your hands looking younger almost immediately after treatment! Check out my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5CEv1QjLAMmljj3qxvQvA?disable_polymer=true
  2. Treat your volume loss. As we age, we lose volume, and our hands are one of the main areas where it shows. Volume loss in the hands results in the veins to “pop out” and be more visible as well as there to be more of a depression between your knuckles. This is best treated with a filler called Radiesse. Radiesse is FDA approved to use in the hands and truly is transformative. Your hands will look younger almost instantaneously!Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Actual Results Near Me In Encinitas CA
  3. Improve the tone and texture of the skin on your hands with Fraxel. Fraxel is an excellent way to beef up your skin. It works wonders on the face for reducing fine lines and wrinkles but also does an amazing job at improving the tone and texture of the backs of the hands and adds a little volume. Fraxel causes hand rejuvenation by stimulating the production of collagen which allows the hands to look less wrinkled and more toned.
  4. Put your retinoid on the backs of your hands every night! No matter how old you are, using a retinoid to maintain the health of your skin is essential. Retinoids require a prescription so be sure you visit your favorite board certified dermatologist for your annual skin check and while you are there talk about weather a retinoid is right for your skin.

Doing some or all of the 5 tips will accomplish the goal of hand rejuvenation! Most importantly, don’t forget about them, they are part of your skin too and receive a significant amount of sun damage. The accumulation of sun damage over time results in skin cancer and treating skin cancer on the backs of the hands is often tricky as there is not a lot of extra skin there! Therefore, protect the skin you have by taking care of it now no matter what your age is!

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