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Patients in CA Discover Sculptra, an Anti-Aging Dermal Filler

Sculptra dermal filler for anti-aging treatment from Dermatologist in CA

Injectable treatments are popular ways to reduce the signs of aging and restore a fresh, youthful appearance. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Amanda Lloyd in Encinitas, CA offers a number of injectables including Sculptra. Sculptra is a dermal filler and is one of Dr. Lloyd’s favorite procedures to conduct. What is Sculptra? Sculptra is unique and differs from other injectables. It is a lattice that is injected into the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production. Therefore, all of the collagen that is produced to restore your lost volume is your own and is 100% natural. Uses for Sculptra Sculptra is … Continue reading

Patients discover treatment for melasma in CA

treatment for melasma from Dermatologist in CA

For the nearly 5 million Americans suffering from melasma, a condition of hyperpigmented skin, finding treatment can be challenging. Patients with melasma who live in the Encinitas, CA area have turned to Dr. Amanda Lloyd for help with their melasma treatment. Dr. Lloyd specializes in melasma treatment and treats each patient as an individual, unique case. What is melasma? Melasma is a common skin problem that causes patches of brown or grayish-brown to appear on the face. The pigmented patches usually show up on the cheeks, nose, forehead, upper lip, and chin but can appear on any area with regular … Continue reading

No time for acne – you’re back to school!

Image of a Lady checking acne

It is hard to believe how quickly the summer flew by and now you’re back to school. You certainly have no time for acne or for your skin to be flaring. The first few weeks are over and the first exams are just around the corner.  The stress of going back to school and exams can flare acne but there are three simple things you can do to clear your complexion and help you to put your best face forward at school. Each one will be described in the upcoming three blog posts! The first and foremost task is to … Continue reading

CA patients restore lost facial volume with Restylane dermal fillers

restylane dermal filler from dermatologist in California

Loss of facial volume and the addition of lines and wrinkles are part of the aging process. Injectable dermal fillers restore volume and youth. Located in Encinitas, CA, Dr. Amanda Lloyd offers dermal fillers including Restylane to help patients look youthful and refreshed. What is Restylane? Restylane is hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin and bring moisture, nutrients, and volume to the skin giving patients natural, long lasting results. There is an eraser called hyaluronidase if you are unhappy with the results. Restylane treats natural volume loss caused by aging. Dermal fillers have different amounts of … Continue reading

California residents turn to Botox and fillers for a more youthful appearance

for youthful appearance Botox and fillers injunction from dermatologist in California

Located in Encinitas, CA, Dr. Amanda Lloyd offers Botox and injectable fillers for skin rejuvenation. Both are popular treatments designed to restore a refreshed facial appearance. Botox and dermal fillers, when done properly, are excellent ways to rejuvenate the face and to look more youthful in a natural way. Previously, Botox and fillers had bad reputations because they were overdone, overused, and not performed by trained expert injectors. The results were frozen and unnatural. Fortunately, Dr. Lloyd has had significant training in the use of Botox and fillers making her an expert injector. Patients are in good hands when they receive their … Continue reading

Pointing out the Wrinkles in Botox Myths

woman under going botox treatment

Botox reigns as the most sought-after, minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure in the U.S. however, while more people are sharing their great experiences with Botox, old myths linger. Here we provide some truth:   Myth 1: Botox makes your face look frozen. Small amounts placed into specific muscles preserve natural expression, resulting in softer lines without inhibiting muscle action. The obvious “frozen face” you may have seen on celebs happens when too much is injected or when it is injected into the incorrect location. Myth 2: Botox is risky. Botox is among the most well-researched cosmetic treatments available. Botox Cosmetic secured FDA … Continue reading

These Symptoms of Skin Cancer may Surprise You

Symptoms of Skin Cancer on woman's back

Skin cancer doesn’t always follow “the rules.” This makes it even more important to keep up on your annual full-body skin checks at our office, and to examine your skin regularly at home. Use a mirror to check hard-to-reach areas, or enlist your partner’s eye so you don’t miss anything. Taking photos every few months on your phone of any areas of concern to monitor for changes is a great way to see if spots are evolving. You may be familiar with the “ABCDEs” of melanoma: Asymmetry, borders that are ill-defined, spots of more than one or that are very … Continue reading

Considerations when choosing a cosmetic dermatologist near Encinitas, CA

Dr. Lloyd with patient

Trusting your face to a cosmetic dermatologist near Encinitas, CA is an important matter. It warrants careful consideration of several essential factors. Board certification and fellowship The aging process is complex, and best understood by a Board-Certified dermatologist. This doctor has had four years of specialized study of the skin and how it changes over the years.   A Board-Certified dermatologist can do additional training after residency, called a fellowship, to continue to learn about aging, lasers, surgery or veins. . . or all four.   Dr. Amanda Lloyd did this additional training in all four aspects – aging, Mohs … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dermatology is an Alternative to Surgery in Encinitas?

Cosmetic Dermatology is an Alternative to Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 438,391 face, forehead, and neck lifts, and eyelid procedures were performed in 2016. Apparently, those individuals could commit to the expense and substantial recovery time associated with surgical rejuvenation. Cosmetic dermatologycan be a terrific alternative if you “aren’t quite there yet,” want to take a proactive stance against aging and don’t want any downtime. Dr. Amanda Lloyd in Encinitas offers a full range of solutions for North County San Diego. REJUVENATION Most people begin to seriously consider cosmetic dermatology as changes become apparent in their 30s, 40, or later. This is a good time to … Continue reading

Looking for a dermatologist “near me” in Encinitas, CA?

woman looking for someone

Are you searching for a dermatologist “near me” in the Encinitas, CA area? Here are some important points to consider, to ensure your skin gets the best care possible. Relevant certification A Board-Certified doctor has met national standards in education, knowledge, skill, and experience for a specific medical specialty. It could be anything from allergy and immunology to urology. Be sure that the certification of the doctor you are considering is in dermatology.   A Board-Certified dermatologist has completed residency training, specifically learning about the skin. Any other type of doctor – certified or not – is less likely to … Continue reading

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