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Choosing the best sunscreen for summer

Choosing the best sunscreen for summer

Temperatures are rising, and bikinis are returning from the back of the closet. Yes, the season of sun worshiping has arrived, and it’s a wonderful time to show off your flawless skin. Just don’t forget to protect that skin, or else summer can become a season of rapid aging and high cancer risk. That means applying sunscreen before you step outside – and not just any sunscreen. Consumer reports recently tested 73 popular products and found that 32.8%i delivered less than half the SPF protection promised on the labels. How can you avoid getting burned by bad sunscreen? Choose a … Continue reading

Skin Care Resolution

Beautiful Young lady with a Clear skin

With the New Year almost here, you may have started thinking about resolutions. Even if you haven’t started thinking about resolutions adding a skin care resolution to your list is totally worth it. Why? Because you will look better at the end of 2018 than you did at the beginning. How is this possible you may wonder? A simple every day skin care routine! Put sunscreen on every morning. Most people do not think about all the UV that your skin absorbs on a day to day basis. Everything you do outside or by a window results in UV damage … Continue reading

Dr. Amanda Lloyd’s Favorite Skin Care Products

Image of beautiful woman

We are in the full swing of holiday season and everyone wants to know just what are the best skin care products. Dr. Amanda Lloyd suggests that you treat yourself to her favorite skin care products this year for a little holiday freshening up! Who needs to know you’re stressed about the holidays! No one! That is what a good skin care regimen can do for you.   Vitamin B! Botox is Dr. Amanda Lloyds absolute favorite product. It is safe, effective and works every time. If you are looking to refresh your look naturally, this is the ticket for … Continue reading

Three Steps for Glowing Skin

Image of a Beautiful woman

Everyone has a different routine before going to bed, but hopefully, everyone has these three steps for glowing skin included in their routine.   Wash your face. Sleeping in the environmental toxins and damage that your skin has accumulated over the day doesn’t help your skin in any way. For glowing skin it is essential to wash off all that contamination. Washing is easy now, you can use a gentile cleanser and water or just use those lovely wipes that don’t require any water. No matter what modality to wash your face you choose please ensure it is not drying … Continue reading

Treat your Skin for the Holidays

Now is the time to give yourself a gift and treat your skin for the Holidays. You likely had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of cooking and preparing and you deserve to reward your skin before the next round of Holidays and Events arrive. You will be giving your family and friends a beautiful holiday celebration so you might as well give yourself a gift and treat your skin for the holidays! There are three easy treats you can give your skin to help wipe away the stressed look and refresh your skin’s healthy glow for the Holidays. Everyone needs a … Continue reading

Don’t waste time or money on ineffective acne treatments

Image of a Beautiful woman Previously had with Acne

You have committed to clearing your skin, have stopped picking and wash your face every night before bed. The third simple step is to, not waste time or money on ineffective acne treatments. Especially, ones that will make your skin worse. For example, using a toner pulls away all the good natural oils that keep your oil glands happy and sends them into overdrive. Therefore, you are oilier and more acne prone—not the desired result! Do not put things like coconut oil or other “natural” products on your face. Coconut oil has been shown to be acne and allergy forming, … Continue reading

Wash your face daily – an easy way to rid acne

Image of a Beautiful lady

The last blog post was the first most important thing to help your acne, stop picking. The second most important thing you can do to prevent new acne from coming is to wash your face before you go to bed. Sleeping in your make up or even just sleeping in the sweat and grime from a day at school or work provides all kinds of yummy food for the acne forming bacteria, P. Acnes that lives on your skin. If you have no time for acne, then you must find two seconds to wash your face before you go to … Continue reading

Patients in CA Discover Sculptra, an Anti-Aging Dermal Filler

Sculptra dermal filler for anti-aging treatment from Dermatologist in CA

Injectable treatments are popular ways to reduce the signs of aging and restore a fresh, youthful appearance. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Amanda Lloyd in Encinitas, CA offers a number of injectables including Sculptra. Sculptra is a dermal filler and is one of Dr. Lloyd’s favorite procedures to conduct. What is Sculptra? Sculptra is unique and differs from other injectables. It is a lattice that is injected into the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production. Therefore, all of the collagen that is produced to restore your lost volume is your own and is 100% natural. Uses for Sculptra Sculptra is … Continue reading

Patients discover treatment for melasma in CA

treatment for melasma from Dermatologist in CA

For the nearly 5 million Americans suffering from melasma, a condition of hyperpigmented skin, finding treatment can be challenging. Patients with melasma who live in the Encinitas, CA area have turned to Dr. Amanda Lloyd for help with their melasma treatment. Dr. Lloyd specializes in melasma treatment and treats each patient as an individual, unique case. What is melasma? Melasma is a common skin problem that causes patches of brown or grayish-brown to appear on the face. The pigmented patches usually show up on the cheeks, nose, forehead, upper lip, and chin but can appear on any area with regular … Continue reading

No time for acne – you’re back to school!

Image of a Lady checking acne

It is hard to believe how quickly the summer flew by and now you’re back to school. You certainly have no time for acne or for your skin to be flaring. The first few weeks are over and the first exams are just around the corner.  The stress of going back to school and exams can flare acne but there are three simple things you can do to clear your complexion and help you to put your best face forward at school. Each one will be described in the upcoming three blog posts! The first and foremost task is to … Continue reading

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