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Lasers – for summer skin that radiates a healthy glow

Protect Skin Against Sun with Laser treatment from Skin & Vein Institute, CA

Get your glow on this summer, while reversing or protecting against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. We’re shining a light on two lasers for showstopping great skin: Laser Genesis and Clear and Brilliant. Both devices stimulate new collagen – responsible for youthful firm, smooth, and even skin. Noninvasive, low-risk, and efficient (sessions in 30 minutes or less), these lasers require little to no downtime, and beautiful results are sustained with maintenance treatments, and proactive skin care and sun protection. Lasers erase what years of frolicking in the sun can produce – blotchy, spotted, lackluster, dry skin. Such features make you look older than your years or hasten the effects of “natural” aging process, worsening fine lines and wrinkles.

These devices have stunning similarities and clear differences:

  • Laser Genesis uses “bulk heating,” warming the underlying dermis while sparing the surface epidermis – a powerful yet safe combination! Controlled heat stimulates the neocollagenesis process. May require 4 to 6 treatments for optimal results. Great for acne scars and visible pores.
  • Clear and Brilliant applies therapeutic heat, in the form of a fractionated beam of laser energy. Broken into thousands of micro-columns, fractionated energy powerfully and precisely penetrates surface skin, stimulating collagen production and healthy healing, “filling in” lines and wrinkles. This way of delivering the collagen stimulating energy allows for no downtime and awesome results! Three treatments and maintenance plans are personalized to fit your skin’s needs.

Broad-spectrum, daily sun protection and diligent skin care prevents more damage and maintains skin health and beauty. What option is best for you? Call us!

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