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When we are young, we have soft, smooth and glowing skin with an even tone and well-defined features. As we age, dark spots, lines and wrinkles appear on our skin, which also takes on a leathery texture, a dull and sagging look, with sunken features; the reason being the breakdown of essential proteins in our skin like collagen and elastin fibers.

Although our personal skin care regimes may help to some extent, there is nothing like some professional help to get the glow and smoothness back! Whether you are considering an in-office procedure like laser treatment, Botox or fillers, or techniques which you can apply in the privacy of your home, Dr. Amanda Lloyd of Skin and Vein Institute in Encinitas CA is a name to trust.

Since all skin care treatments are personalized, you would be getting only what you require for your skin. Efficacy and safety are the hallmark of the products and techniques used by Dr. Lloyd, a Board-Certified dermatologist.

Most people worry that procedures like Botox and dermal fillers will lend their appearance an unnatural look. With a dermatologist like Dr. Lloyd, there is no cause for concern when it comes to neuromodulators like Botox, and fillers like Juvederm: she injects them into the specific muscles with such precision that the results look completely natural. She follows top quality medical-grade skin care routines, which are approved across the world.

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She can help you look and feel even more amazing in your skin because she is well trained in all aspects of dermatology including laser and cosmetics, skin cancer management including Mohs surgery and cosmetic reconstruction, medical dermatology and venous disease.

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