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Winter is the perfect time to focus on skin and vein care

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It is time to start thinking about looking your best for warm weather . . . just a few short months away. You will no doubt be showing a bit more skin in spring and summer fashions. Every inch of it can glow, with a little extra attention now.

Good-looking legs

A meshwork of purplish spider veins, blue reticular veins, or ropey varicose veins spoil the look of your legs and can be uncomfortable. At Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, CA, Dr. Amanda Lloyd utilizes the latest treatment technologies to resolve problematic leg veins. Why does it make sense to take care of this now? You must wear compression stockings for optimal results with some of these treatments. You will be more comfortable with this extra clothing layer during cooler weather and can hide them under slacks or long skirts with boots.

Turn winter skin into a dewy-fresh complexion

Cold outdoor temperatures, wind, and indoor heat are notoriously dehydrating. Winter skin feels tight and itchy, and it looks dull. Dr. Lloyd works with you to develop a personalized skin care regimen to help skin not only survive winter but also thrive with youthful radiance. Your customized program may include professional-grade skin care products in combination with gentle laser rejuvenation therapies like Clear + Brilliant.

While others are still shaking off their winter skin and vein doldrums, you will step into spring looking refreshed. Call (760) 642-6674 or email info@saviderm.com now to schedule treatment with Dr. Lloyd.


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