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Three Steps for Glowing Skin

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Everyone has a different routine before going to bed, but hopefully, everyone has these three steps for glowing skin included in their routine.


  1. Wash your face. Sleeping in the environmental toxins and damage that your skin has accumulated over the day doesn’t help your skin in any way. For glowing skin it is essential to wash off all that contamination. Washing is easy now, you can use a gentile cleanser and water or just use those lovely wipes that don’t require any water. No matter what modality to wash your face you choose please ensure it is not drying out your skin. You can tell if it drying out your skin too much if you have a tight feeling of your facial skin after washing.
  2. Put on your nightly retinoid. The nightly retinoid is essential to achieve glowing skin. Yes, they take literally forever to “work” i.e. you will not notice results anytime soon after starting. However, have faith that it is indeed doing something. The retinoid helps to keep your skin healthy, stimulates new collagen and elastin which decrease fine lines and wrinkles and normalizes how your skin grows. It is an absolute necessary step to glowing skin.
  3. Moisturize your skin nightly. If you think of your skin as floaties on a pool, which is more attractive, floaties that are fully inflated or deflated floaties? Your skin cells are the floaties and you want your fully inflated so there is a beautiful glow to your skin. When the skin is dehydrated it appears dull and lusterless. Even patients with acne need to moisturize appropriately. Look for a moisturizer that has ceramides and hyaluronic acid as those two ingredients help to hydrate the skin so it has that healthy glow we all want.

Of course, there are additional steps that can be taken for glowing skin however, this is a basic start. If you need advice or revitalization of your routine please call (760) 642-6674 or email us at info@saviderm.com to make your appointment for a consultation with Dr. Amanda Lloyd, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in tailored skin care so you Look Stunning. Always.


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