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Intensive Treatment 10x


This intensely hydrating serum revitalizes aging skin. Free of parabens, PEGs, phthalates, sulfates, silicone and mineral oil, perfect for sensitive skin. Retinol free but is just as potent due to the active ingredient Aquabeautine XL. Packed with enriching antioxidants that prevent further skin damage. Helps brighten the skin by reducing brown spots, soothing inflamed skin, and preventing dehydration.

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Safe and non-irritating alternative to retinols. Better than glycolic acid at reducing the appearance of brown spots.

Claims: Superior at reducing the appearance of brown spots. Safe for patients with sensitive skin and/or rosacea.

Suggested Uses: If you cannot use or tolerate retinols

Usage: Use am and pm. Apply one pump to clean skin. Can be worn UNDER the PRO Rebalancing Lotion or PRO All Day Every Day Lotion 3X.



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