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Eliminating Red Spots On The Skin

Red spots are a common dermatologic complaint. Fortunately, they are not usually a serious health threat, but unfortunately, they make you look older Studies show that people with less “noise” such as red spots and brown spots appear older than their stated age. The spots should be checked by a Board-Certified Dermatologist for accurate diagnosis, to rule out serious concerns, and to identify the best removal strategy. With a full laser suite at Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, and experience in multiple treatment options, Dr. Amanda Lloyd is well-equipped to treat your red spots.
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Types of red spots

  • Erythema – Overall redness of the skin
  • Telangiectasia – small vessels
  • Rash – A cluster of red spots could be an allergic reaction, irritation, or infection. It is very important to have a rashexamined by a dermatologist
  • Hemangioma – A small benign tumor made of blood vessels
  • Petechiae – Pinpoint hemorrhages
  • Purpura – Larger purplish-red spots

Prevention and treatment

Most red spots are the result of your genetic makeup, or triggered by UV exposure. The best way to prevent this condition is to wear broad spectrum, high SPF sunscreen every day.

Existing red spots can be treated effectively with laser technology. The ExcelV laser selectively targets the red pigmentation and vaporizes the spot almost instantly. Dr. Amanda Lloyd begins with a topical numbing agent, for a virtually painless procedure. It takes only about 20 minutes for a full-face treatment, and there is little to no downtime. Results are long-lasting. However, continued sun exposure may cause new red spots to form, so maintenance is recommended. Laser therapy may be used as a sole treatment, or combined with other skin rejuvenation techniques.

Dr. Amanda Lloyd wants patients throughout North County San Diego to have smooth even complexions when they look in the mirror. Call Skin & Vein Institute at (760) 642-6674 (new patients) or (760) 452-2080 (existing patients) for beautiful, healthy skin that’s free of red spots.

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