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Beautiful legs again with vein treatments from North County San Diego dermatologist, Dr. Amanda Lloyd

Vein-free legs feel good and look great. Vein treatments, with current technologies and time-tested techniques, are available in Encinitas. Trust the dermatologist known for personalized skin care, and vein health, too in North County San Diego – Dr. Amanda Lloyd at Skin & Vein Institute.
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Venous disease

Varicose veins are a genetic condition that occur when the valves in leg veins stop working properly. Pressure in the venous system increases, and blood pools in the legs. The condition causes swelling, aching, and discoloration of the lower legs. If it is left untreated, it can lead to breakdown and ulceration of the skin. The body creates new veins as conduits as an attempt to relieve the pressure. These conduits present as spider veins, blue reticular veins, and ropy, bulging varicose veins on the legs.

The Truth About Leg Veins

The Truth About Leg Veins - Encinitas CA
Dr. Amanda Lloyd and International Miss 2020 speak about the treatment of unsightly veins with ExcelV and injections. They discuss how to choose between treatments and preparation for the treatment and post-treatment recovery. International Miss 2020 also speaks about her own experience with the treatment.
Dr. Lloyd: I’m Dr. Amanda Lloyd and I’m here with Corinne Devin International Miss 2020 and we are going to talk about how to treat those unsightly leg vein.

Ms. Devin: I am so excited about this because this is something that has really started to bother me the older I get and I don’t know if it’s hereditary or if it’s just all the running I’ve done or those gorgeous high heels that kill my feet but make my legs look so beautiful and now they’re not looking beautiful Dr. Lloyd.

Dr. Lloyd: Right so we can definitely treat that and help them to look more beautiful again.

Ms. Devin: So what do we do for those? How do you customize treatment of treating leg veins? There is a lot of different ways out there to treat them.

Dr. Lloyd: Yes this is true there are lots of different ways to there to treat leg veins. I like to use 2 different modalities, one is the laser, the ExcelV specifically. Both the 532 nm and the 1064 nm and then the second are injections.

Ms. Devin: So what is the difference between using a laser or injection, how do you decide which one to use for your patients?

Dr. Lloyd: That’s an excellent question, Corinne. The decision is based off the size of the vessel and the patient. So you have to take the patent as a whole, talk to the patient about their goals, and what they’re looking to accomplish, whether it’s wear capris again, or wear daisy dukes again those are different goals and so depending on the person’s goals you customize the treatment to them, treating their veins from big to small.

Ms. Devin: What is the downtime and what is the preparation that you have to do before and after treatment?

Dr. Lloyd: So before you don’t really have to do much. Ideally, you’re well hydrated before you’re treatment so that your veins are easier to access.

Ms. Devin: Okay so drink lots of water, done.

Dr. Lloyd: Yes easy afterwards you have to wear the compression stocking for 2 weeks. Now this is the least fun part because they’re warm and so in winter the best time to wear them or have the treatment done and you wear them 24 hours for the first week and then 12 hours for the second week, unless they’re a rock start like you!

Ms. Devin: Well she is being very kind I actually had some friends who didn’t wear compression legging and the results just weren’t nearly as good but I agree with her. Wearing them during the wintertime is fantastic. I was still able to work out in them, I was still able to wear work pants I was still able to go to the office in fact they actually gave me a little extra layer of insulation.

Dr. Lloyd: Yes they keep you warm.

Ms. Devin: They keep you warm and worry about having to shave my legs for 2 weeks because they were completely covered and I did blow dry them which was fantastic.

Dr. Lloyd: Yes

Ms. Devin: I actually had it done 5 years ago and the results have truly maintained so I feel like if you really put the time the effort and the energy to do it right it really truly pays dividends.

Dr. Lloyd: Definitely.

Treating vein problems

  • SclerotherapyThink of spider and reticular veins as twigs on a tree. A sclerosant solution is injected to trigger a reaction causing these veins to close and be resorbed by the body. The virtually painless procedure takes about 40 minutes. You must wear compression stockings for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Laser therapyThis non-invasive alternative targets pigmentation in blood vessels with laser energy. The 20-minute treatment may be used with sclerotherapy for best results.
  • Endovenous chemical ablation– This procedure addresses branches of the tree – large ropey veins. A sclerosing solution is injected withultrasound guidance causing the vein walls to stick together. This virtually painless treatment takes about ten minutes. Compression stocking must be worn after the procedure.
  • Endovenous laser ablationThe greater saphenous vein (the tree trunk) responds well to this treatment. Guided by real time ultrasound, Dr. Lloyd directs a specific wavelength of light to the inner lining of the vein, causing the main vein to close. The thirty-minute treatment is well tolerated, and is usually covered by insurance. You must walk for 30 minutes immediately after the procedure and wear compression stockings.

With healthy veins, your legs can feel young again and look graceful and beautiful. Call Skin and Vein Institute in Encinitas at (760) 642-6674 (new patients) or (760) 452-2080 (existing patients) to learn more about vein treatments.

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