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Welcome to Skin & Vein Institute's video gallery page! We are excited you've chosen us to help you research the procedures and treatments that can make you look and feel great.

Dr. Amanda Lloyd holds two core values central to her practice. They are education and trust. We wanted to help educate you through the use of not just words on a page but videos that help highlight a specific treatment you might be curious about. Our videos are meant to help you make an informed decision and also to let you get a feel for who we are at Skin & Vein Institute before you even make that first appointment with us. Additionally, Dr. Amanda Lloyd the expert board certified dermatologist performs all the treatments herself so your skin receives the very best care. Nothing is delegated. Ever.

If you have any questions before, during or after watching any of our videos, we look forward to helping you find the answers. Please call us at 760-642-6674 or feel free to drop us an email at info@saviderm.com.


Neuromodulator Related Videos

Botox Treatment
Encinitas dermatologist, Dr. Amanda Lloyd, recommends a preventive anti-aging strategy including [+] Read More
What Is Botox Treatment?
Botox is a neuromodulator that relaxes the muscles that create wrinkles. In capable, [+] Read More
Botox In Your Skin Care Routine
Dr. Amanda Lloyd explains how Botox can be used in your skin care routine to get young and flawless skin. [+] Read More

Filler Related Videos

Replace Volume And Structure In Your Cheeks And Jawline With Voluma!
Learn everything you wanted to know about Voluma – What it is, what it is used for, why we need it, [+] Read More
Dr. Amanda Lloyd gives an overview of Dermal Fillers; speaking about how it can help, what to expect from the treatment process [+] Read More
Hear from Dr. Lloyd to learn all about Sculptra and how this treatment works to improve [+] Read More
Learn all about Radiesse from Dr. Lloyd as she explains what to expect from this treatment [+] Read More
Find out what Dr. Lloyd has to say about how Defyne works and see if it could help improve your appearance.

Laser Related Videos

IPL or ExcelV to treat sun damage
IPL or ExcelV can be used to treat red and brown spots manifested by sun damage on the face, [+] Read More
Which Laser Is Right For Me?
Dr. Amanda Lloyd distinguishes her practice with training and experience in advanced lasers, [+] Read More
Fraxel Treatment
Do not miss the video on amazing Fraxel Resurfacing Skin Treatment as explained by Dermatologist [+] Read More
Clear And Brilliant Treatment
Skin that glows with youthful radiance requires a terrific daily regimen and a forward-thinking approach. [+] Read More
Clear And Brilliant Treatment - Proactive Laser Skin Care
Clear and Brilliant is a non-ablative fractional laser. The treatment heats the targeted tissue without destroying it. [+] Read More
ExcelV Treatment
Skin can develop a variety of pigmentation irregularities from genetics and sun exposure. Historically, these spots were treated with [+] Read More
ExcelV Treatment Procedure
ExcelV laser treatment is quickly gaining popularity for comfort, fast results, and effectiveness. ExcelV treatment [+] Read More
Laser Genesis Treatment
With age, you face and skin will lose its youthful appearance, [+] Read More

Vein Related Videos

Sclerotherapy Treatment
For individuals dealing with spider veins and varicose veins on noticeable areas of the body, [+] Read More
Sclerotherapy Treatment Procedure
Watch as Dr. Amanda Lloyd performs a sclerotherapy treatment to help a patient [+] Read More
Overview Of Venous Treatments
When it comes to dealing with varicose veins, spider veins and, other vein conditions, [+] Read More
Endovenous Laser Ablation
Varicose veins and spider veins are a problem that many people deal with. [+] Read More
Endovenous Chemical Ablation
Bulging, ropey veins on the surface of the skin can be a cause of embarrassment, [+] Read More

Fat Reduction Related Videos

Kybella Treatment
Kybella is an effective treatment that can be used by people who want to address excess [+] Read More

About our Practice

Welcome To The Skin & Vein Institute!
Dr. Amanda Abramson Lloyd welcomes you to Skin & Vein Institute. Experience her [+] Read More

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She can help you look and feel even more amazing in your skin because she is well trained in all aspects of dermatology including laser and cosmetics, skin cancer management including Mohs surgery and cosmetic reconstruction, medical dermatology and venous disease.

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