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Putting minds at ease with evaluation of skin colored bumps

Woman Applying Cream on Face It is alarming to discover a bump on your skin. A worst-case scenario may come to mind. While some cancerous lesions look innocently-skin colored, most of these bumps are not a health threat. Dr. Amanda Lloyd is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, knowledgeable and experienced in evaluating skin conditions. She helps to put the minds of patients in Encinitas and throughout North County San Diego area at ease, with accurate diagnosis and effective treatment options.

Careful evaluation and testing

Skin colored bumps may be relatively harmless skin lesions such as:

  • Sebaceous hyperplasiaThese small, soft papules usually appear on the forehead, cheeks, or nose of adults, middle-aged or older. Bumps may look fleshy or yellowish in color. They are an inherited trait affecting sebaceous (oil) glands.
  • Angiofibromas These small, shiny bumps are flesh-colored or reddish brown, and composed of encapsulated fibrous tissue.They develop on sides of the nose or on cheeks. They are common in males, from adolescence though their 20s.
  • Benign neviA nevus is simply a congenital growth or mark on the skin, such as a mole. It is the result of localized overgrowth of cells that produce melanin in early stages of life.

However, basal cell carcinomas to deadly melanomas can hide in plain sight. Some types form under the surface of skin, sending roots into deep tissues.

Qualified analysis is critical. Dr. Lloyd takes proper steps to ensure that your lesions are indeed benign.

Cosmetic removal

Once a benign determination is confirmed, you may want to discuss having the bump removed for aesthetic reasons. Dr. Lloyd is experienced in traditional surgical excision methods, as well as the latest laser techniques. Her goal is to restore your complexion and peace of mind, with minimal scarring.

If you have skin colored bumps, call Dr. Lloyd at Skin & Vein Institute in North County San Diego (760) 642-6674 for skilled, compassionate evaluation.

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She can help you look and feel even more amazing in your skin because she is well trained in all aspects of dermatology including laser and cosmetics, skin cancer management including Mohs surgery and cosmetic reconstruction, medical dermatology and venous disease.

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