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Dropping the mask of pregnancy: Melasma treatment in San Diego county

Melasma is a brown discoloration of skin, most frequently occurring on the face. It is known as the “mask of pregnancy,” as it is triggered by hormonal changes including pregnancy and birth control pills. This irregular pigmentation is physically harmless, but it can be emotionally devastating, especially to a young woman. Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Amanda Lloyd, helps patients enjoy smooth even skin tone with effective melasma treatment at Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas.
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Understanding melasma

Women are more likely to have this condition than men. It is widespread among darker-skinned ethnicities – Latino, Indian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African – than in fair-skinned individuals. This trait also runs in families.

Melasma usually appears on:

  • Forehead.
  • Bridge of the nose.
  • Cheeks.
  • Between the nose and upper lip.
  • Chin.
  • Anywhere on the body that gets a lot of sun exposure, such as neck and forearms.

While we don’t yet fully understand what causes melasma, we know it is the result of overactive melanocytes (cells that produce skin color). Hormonal fluctuations are the most common trigger events, followed by sun exposure and irritating cosmetics.

Treatment for even skin tone

It is imperative to see a Board-Certified Dermatologist for melasma, as numerous products and treatments can significantly worsen the condition. Accurate diagnosis is key, since other skin problems can mimic melasma. It is primarily accomplished by close inspection of the skin. Dr. Lloyd may use a special light to determine how deeply melasma has penetrated. Then she works with you to create a gentle skin care regimen. Later, she may suggest laser treatments to improve visible symptoms, as well as prescription topical medications.

Sun protection is critical. Dr. Lloyd will recommend a professional-quality sunscreen to wear daily, reapplying every two hours when outdoors.

Call Dr. Lloyd at (760) 642-6674 (new patients) or (760) 452-2080 (existing patients) to start enjoying melasma-free skin.

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