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North County San Diego dermatologist helps patients manage rosacea

Woman with Beautiful Face In most cases, rosacea is not a serious health threat. However, the embarrassment of redness and bumps can be extremely life-disrupting. Many fair-skinned individuals spend countless dollars and years of their lives on ineffective retail treatments. Rosacea is not curable, but skilled, experienced care from Encinitas Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Amanda Lloyd, effectively treats symptoms and minimizes future flare-ups.

Four types of rosacea

Some people experience more than one of these subtypes simultaneously. In other cases, they occur in succession, often progressing in severity.

  • Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea That is a big word for flushing and persistent redness, often with visible blood vessels.
  • Papulopustular rosaceaThis type is characterized by redness, pus-filled pimples, and red bumps, especially around the nose. Skin may appear rough and dry.
  • Phymatous rosaceaSubtype three causes skin to thicken, sometimes resulting in excess tissue that enlarges the nose. Men are most prone to this form of rosacea.
  • Ocular rosaceaThe most troublesome type. Ocular rosacea affects the eyes, causing them to feel dry and gritty. Other symptoms include burning sensation, tearing, swollen eyelids, and recurring sties. Vision loss from corneal damage can occur.

Effective management

Patients with rosacea often experience flushing of the skin. Dr. Lloyd helps identify triggers, such as spicy food, hot and caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and stress, so they can be avoided with simple lifestyle alterations.

Bumps and pimples caused by rosacea can be controlled with a physician-grade gentle skin care routine. It is important to select non-irritating products and include daily sunscreen.

The redness of rosacea is best resolved with a combination of an excellent skin care regimen and laser treatments.

Are you ready to get rosacea under control instead of letting it control your life? Call Dr. Amanda Lloyd at Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas for gentle, effective treatment. The number is (760) 642-6674

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