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Wipe out your lines and wrinkles with Jeuveau

Reduce Your Lines and Wrinkles With Jeuveau in San Diego area

As residents of San Diego, we are rather blessed to have sunshine and warmth almost the entire year without the colder temperatures most others have to endure. However, the warm climate comes at a price, with our skin taking a major battering. As a result, we end up with a lot of lines and wrinkles on our faces and necks, which lends many of us a prematurely aged look. Botox, Xeomin and Dysport have provided solutions to these problems for years, but now we have Jeuveau, the ‘new kid on the neuromodulator block’. The FDA-approved injectable neuromodulator hit the markets … Continue reading

Stay safe in the summer with protection measures

Keep Your Skin Safe During the Summer in Encinitas CA area

“A summer’s sun is worth the having,” is a famous French proverb. However, if we are not careful, the sun could become our enemy. Its harmful ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays can not only wreak havoc with our skin and eyes, they could also cause lasting damage including skin cancers. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, more people are reported to have skin cancer in the USA each year than all other cancers put together. One in five Americans is estimated to fall victim to skin cancer by the time they are 70. Exposure to UV radiation from the sun … Continue reading

Watch out for signs of skin cancer!

Identify Early Signs of Skin Cancer San Diego CA area

Skin cancer is quite common, one in five Americans will have a basal cell carcinoma. Many people ignore their earliest signs and symptoms, because they are mistaken for benign lesions. Early detection of skin cancers allows for less invasive treatments. The following are the three main varieties of skin cancer and their symptoms: Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and can spread to other organs if ignored. Warning signs include new brown spots on the skin or existing spots which change color, size or shape. These can be on sun exposed or non sun exposed sites. If a … Continue reading

How to protect your skin in the summer

Enjoy Summer While Protecting Your Skin in San Diego area

Although we love the warm summer months, UVA and UVB which make up the suns rays are dangerous. These rays penetrate our skin and damage the cells that make up our skin, the keratinocytes. When enough damage is done by these harsh rays, skin cancer is the result. This damage also makes our skin appear dry, damaged, discolored and wrinkled with lines and spots. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to protecting our skin in summer. An important step to protect our skin is the application of a broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen which can block UVA and UVB … Continue reading

Effective skincare which won’t break the bank

Safe and Effective Skincare in Encinitas CA area

It is often overwhelming to walk down the skincare aisle and pick out what to put on your skin. The products and price points are so varied it’s hard to wonder if some products are “worth” their cost. Some products are physician grade, have medical science supporting their use and are fantastic. However if you’re not ready for a physician grade routine there are three basic products you can start out with: Purpose gentle cleanser – True to its name, this gentle cleanser removes dust, dirt, makeup and oil from the skin without drying it out or irritating it, the … Continue reading

Three must have products for your skin

Three Important Products for Your Skin Encinitas CA area

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it protects you from the elements. It goes without saying that you have to give it the best care. 1. Sunscreen should be an essential component of any skin care routine. A broad spectrum, SPF 30+ sunscreen (preferably water-resistant) which protects against UVA and UVB rays is a must, not only to prevent skin cancers such as melanoma, but also to delay the signs of aging. Excessive sun exposure causes untold skin damage, leading to winkles, age spots, dry and discolored skin which looks prematurely aged. Sunscreen should be worn … Continue reading

Prep Your Skin for Summer

How to Prep Your Skin for Summer in Encinitas CA area

Spring has sprung so now is the time to get your skin summer ready. The coming season will bring a lot of outdoor activities –garden parties, lazy days lounging around pools, relaxing on the beach and holidays in exotic destinations. Your skin will be having plenty of sun exposure so, it should be at its best so it can adequately handle the exposure. Exfoliation is key to getting rid of the dull and dead skin cells, a remnant of winter. Gentile cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen are absolute musts. Equally or even more important is a good diet and hydration to … Continue reading

Your five-minute night time beauty routine explained

Your Five-minute Night Time Beauty Routine Explained by Encinitas Dermatologist in Encinitas CA area

Not all skin is created equal. Skin types differ in color, texture, tone, and thickness as well as how they react to the elements. Individual physiology has a lot to do with one’s skin and its health. Despite all this, it is within our means to take proper care of our skin so that we can minimize the damaging effects of aging, chemicals and the environment. A proper skin care regimen is a must; even if you don’t spend a fortune, a little care will go a long way in fighting the ravages of time. Sunscreen in the morning is … Continue reading

Bring on summer with laser treatments for skin you’ll love to show off!

Skin Laser Treatments for This Summer in Encinitas area

Sunscreen is a “must” year-round, not just during summer. If you have existing sun damage, schedule your laser treatments now – Get ready to flaunt healthy skin this summer! Fraxel® Also known as “fractional skin resurfacing,” this laser precisely treats the whole face by using a high intensity beam that is broken into thousand of small columns that penetrate the skin. These columns are heated and stimulate collagen production and reduce the number of brown spots on the surface of the skin. Fraxel® technology: Promotes rapid healing Can get results in a single visit Stimulates the production of fresh, firming … Continue reading

Hands age, too! Rejuvenate with Radiesse®

Radiesse for Aging Hands in Encinitas CA area

Do your hands betray your age? Turn back the hands of time with Radiesse®. Merz Aesthetics credits Radiesse® as the “first and only” FDA-approved dermal filler formulated to safely and effectively correct volume loss in the backs of the hands. Why rejuvenate? Your hands like your face are affected by those unfortunate age-related changes. The loss of firming collagen and springy elastin give rise to a crepey, bony, and wrinkled appearance. Additionally, this loss of volume allows the veins and tendons to be more visible on the back of the hands. How to Look Stunning. Always. Radiesse® provides both instant … Continue reading

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