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Winter is the perfect time to focus on skin and vein care

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It is time to start thinking about looking your best for warm weather . . . just a few short months away. You will no doubt be showing a bit more skin in spring and summer fashions. Every inch of it can glow, with a little extra attention now. Good-looking legs A meshwork of purplish spider veins, blue reticular veins, or ropey varicose veins spoil the look of your legs and can be uncomfortable. At Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, CA, Dr. Amanda Lloyd utilizes the latest treatment technologies to resolve problematic leg veins. Why does it make sense … Continue reading

Fillers for revolumizing the skin around the eye

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Loss of volume and shrinking of bones, leading to changes in facial shape and structure, are phenomena which occur naturally during the aging process, with less collagen and elastin production. The hardest hit areas are around the eyes, nose and mouth. Presently, there are safe and effective solutions for facial volume loss through dermal fillers. They can provide structure and lift to the face, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, bringing the youthful appearance back by revolumizing the skin. Dermal fillers are FDA– Approved and administered under strictly controlled conditions by qualified physicians. They are injected into the skin to make … Continue reading

Skincare for maintaining healthy skin

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Proper skin care is not just about beauty and appearance. It includes a whole gamut of essentials including nourishment, moisturizing, protection from the elements and the maintenance of long-term health related to the skin and overall body. A proper skincare regime is vital to ensure that your skin stays healthy, radiant and youthful over the years without letting the ravages of time take their toll. And as your skin ages, it’s important that this skincare regime adapts to suit those changes, your environment and lifestyle. Moisturizer would take priority in any skincare regime and the importance of proper hydration for … Continue reading

Improve your acne scars with Fraxel

Improve your acne scars with Fraxel

If you have battled with acne for many years, you will feel victorious when your skin finally clears up and you don’t have to deal with acne anymore. However, as is the case with any battle, your years of fighting against acne may have left you with a few scars that still mar your ideal complexion. At our office, you will find that your acne treatment doesn’t stop when your acne clears up. We want to take your skin from its worst to its very best without leaving you somewhere in between. If you have your acne under control, the … Continue reading

Kiss summer skin goodbye with these end of summer skin care tips from Dr. Lloyd

Make the summer-into-fall transition by updating your skin care routine to suit the season with skin care tips from Dr Amanda Lloyd.

Summer is already over and we are not ready to say goodbye! Like it or not, the weather is changing, and your skin care routine will need to change too. As the days get drier and cooler, your skin’s needs will change from what they were during the hot, humid summer months. Here are a couple of tips for better skin care at the end of summer. Repair Your hair and skin may be damaged by the sun and chlorine from pools and other summer-related activities. You can help to repair some of that damage by gently exfoliating, moisturizing, and … Continue reading

4 skin problems you can prevent this summer

Meet Dr. Amanda of Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, CA to learn how to prevent 4 common skin problems this summer.

There is no doubt about it; weather has a huge effect on your skin. You can keep your skin looking and feeling its best, even when the sun, pool chemicals, or humid conditions threaten it. Acne – Sweat, bacteria, and oils mean clogged pores and acne breakouts. Blot off sweat with a clean cloth. Wash sweaty clothes before wearing them again. Use non-comedogenic sunscreen and products. Sunburn – Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen at least SPF 30 year-round. Be extra-vigilant about reapplying when swimming or sweating. Seek shade. Avoid the sunniest hours of mid-morning and mid-day. Wear proper sun protection (hats … Continue reading

4 tips for skin that outshines the sun (in a healthy way)!

Highly renowned Dr. Amanda Lloyd of Skin & Vein Institute in Encinitas, CA is proud to let you be familiar with 4 great tips to protect your skin from the sun

Many products promise to make your skin “glow.” Glowing skin refers to heightened color or bloom, usually associated with youth and health. We know glowing skin when we see it. While our skin takes a beating in the hot, sweaty, sunny days of summer, your glow can persist year-round – whatever Mother Nature brings: Fountain of Youth in a bottle – Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily with an SPF of at least 30. If you’re swimming or sweating make sure you use a water resistant sunscreen and reapply often. Seek shade as much as possible but if you’re going to … Continue reading

Lasers – for summer skin that radiates a healthy glow

Protect Skin Against Sun with Laser treatment from Skin & Vein Institute, CA

Get your glow on this summer, while reversing or protecting against the damaging effects of the sun’s rays. We’re shining a light on two lasers for showstopping great skin: Laser Genesis and Clear and Brilliant. Both devices stimulate new collagen – responsible for youthful firm, smooth, and even skin. Noninvasive, low-risk, and efficient (sessions in 30 minutes or less), these lasers require little to no downtime, and beautiful results are sustained with maintenance treatments, and proactive skin care and sun protection. Lasers erase what years of frolicking in the sun can produce – blotchy, spotted, lackluster, dry skin. Such features make you look … Continue reading

De-stress this summer for healthy, beautiful skin

Get Glowing Skin this Summer from Skin & Vein Institute, CA

We encourage you to truly relax this summer – for the health and beauty of your skin! The American Academy of Dermatology acknowledges a growing body of research, linking stress to chronic inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Stressed-out? It shows (on your skin!) Your skin’s nerve endings release chemicals or neuropeptides as the first line of defense against infection and trauma. But they can also cause discomfort – tingling, sensitivity, itching. This helps explain why acne, fever blisters, or hives flare or worsen before a big test or work presentation. Your partners in skin health will pamper you! Our … Continue reading

Clear + Brilliant = a new you in time for summer

Clear + Brilliant = a new you in time for summer

Some people plan cosmetic treatments during the chilly winter months, when there’s plenty of time to heal before vacation season arrives. That’s a great strategy if you are considering an invasive procedure, and if you’re good at planning way in advance. What if summer snuck up on you, the vacation is planned for next month, and your skin isn’t at its best? Is it too late to rejuvenate? No – not at all! Dr. Amanda Lloyd offers several options for improving and refining skin that will fit your busy schedule with little to no downtime, fast results, and minimal side effects. One … Continue reading

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